50 Easy GK Questions and Answers Printable Trivia Quiz Free

Without comparing easy GK questions and answers knowledge to Consciousness, it is impossible to comprehend its significance. Consciousness generates knowledge and employs it in its daily operations. Knowledge easy GK questions and answers is like a swimming pool, and consciousness is like a swimmer. If there are no easy GK questions and answers knowledge trivia quiz, consciousness will remain practically motionless. As a result, both are critical. Knowledge easy GK printable questions and answers quiz has achieved a reputation in the international community for its own grandeur as a result of its application. A remarkable person can give us an enlightened society. Man’s power is his easy GK questions and answers general knowledge. Persons become genuine people in this society, in the state, as a result of their knowledge.

Knowledge easy GK questions and answers are lifeless recordings of previous perceptions preserved in memory, but consciousness is alive current energy. Consciousness and easy GK questions and answers knowledge are analogous to the car’s drive (energy or movement) and direction (path or roads). Consciousness, like a car, can’t drive without the road, and Knowledge can’t accomplish anything without Consciousness. When comparing Consciousness with easy GK questions and answers Knowledge, there are a plethora of similes or metaphors that may be used coarsely or crudely. Without easy GK questions and answers information, consciousness is like a fire without fuel, a pen without paper, and so on.

Easy GK questions and answers printable trivia quiz

1. If completed, Barcelona’s which church will be the tallest in the world, at 172.5 meters (566 ft)?

Sagrada Família

2. Guayas region is located in which country?


3. Accrington town is located in which country?


4. What is the real name of Abel Djassi, a Guinea-Bissauan politician?

Amílcar Cabral

5. In 1913, the French Government of Louis Barthou falls due to what reason?

Overtime conscription

6. The Silver Jubilee (a 25th anniversary, also known as a quadranscentennial anniversary) of which Monarch held in 1758?

King Borommakot of Siam

7. Which American former glamour model, known as the November 1992 Playboy Playmate, jumped from a 25th-floor window with her seven-year-old son, Vincent, in her arms in 2019?

Stephanie Adams

8. The Proper Study of Mankind: An Anthology of Essays book was written in 1997 by which British philosopher?

Isaiah Berlin

9. What was the chief city of the ancient state Greeks of Attica?


10. In 1914, which army occupies Belgrade, Serbia?


11. What are a UK-based band formed of two brothers, Michael and David Champion?


12. What is actually the Admiral Nevelskoi Maritime Museum?

A Yacht

13. Demotic Greek or Dimotiki is a term used for what?

in contrast with Katharevousa to describe the colloquial vernacular form of Modern Greek which had evolved naturally from Koine Greek and was spoken by the vast majority of Greeks

14. What does the literary initial “A. B. Guthrie” mean?

Alfred Bertram Guthrie

15. In which year, National Baseball Commission order that injured players get full pay for the duration of their contracts?


16. How many terms were Andreas Georgiou Papandreou the prime minister of Greece?

Two times

17. Rodrigues region is located in which country?


18. The 2π theorem of Gromov and Thurston is applicable to which subject?


19. Royal motto “Mitt håp er Gud alene” practiced by Norwegian monarch Frederick I means what?

My hope is God alone

20. In 1917, Han Yong-woon, found Zen awakening at which Korean monastery?

Osean Monastery

21. What does the Latin phrase “a contrario” mean?

from the opposite, on the contrary

22. Abhyankar’s lemma is associated with which part of mathematics?

Algebraic geometry

23. Which German is sometimes referred to as the Princeps mathematicorum and “the greatest mathematician since antiquity”?

Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss

24. Thrace peninsula is located in which country?


25. British-German trade agreement signed in which year?


26. What is the oldest lost film to be rediscovered in 2004?

Défense d’afficher (1896)

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Défense d’afficher (1896)

27. abc conjecture is related to which field of mathematics?

Number theory

28. Sack of Athens, 1 March 86 BCE took place during which man-made event of history?

First Mithridatic War

29. What is the slogan of the AIDS activist group ACT UP, the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, grassroots political activists working to end the HIV/AIDS pandemic?

ACT UP, Fight Back, Fight AIDS

30. In 1927, 1st Model A Ford sold for how much?


31. What is the deliberate damage of high-status buildings to reduce their value as military, administrative or social structures?


32. Which sociologist spent most of his career teaching at Columbia University, where he attained the rank of University Professor?

Robert King Merton

33. What is the motto of the FBI?

Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity

34. Which batsman has scored the most runs in a cricket series?

Donald Bradman (Australia)

35. In 1927, which Paleoanthropologist announced to the Geological Society of China that the ancient human fossils from Zhoukoudian?

Davidson Black

36. What is the maximum word length in the Holy Quran?

17 character

37. What is the motto of the 1st Commando Regiment, Australian Army

Strike swiftly

38. Our immune system fights off infection mostly through the use of what?

Antibodies and microphages

39. Which two-tier county of England has a population of 1,489,189 as of 2019?


40. Which cider brand is being operated in Corvallis, Oregon, USA?

2 Towns Ciderhouse

41. What is the height of Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia?

2355 m

42. Fly above the clouds – here “above” refer to what?

place – higher than

43. Which is the first tragedy in English literature?

Gorboduc (1561), by Thomas Sackville and Thomas Norton

44. A chapter named “The Cattle” with 165 verses is included in which religious holy book?

Al Quran

45. Estimation of covariance matrices is a theory or argument in which subject?


46. On 16 September 1620 (New Style), which sailing ship, carrying English and Dutch Pilgrims on board, set sail from England to North America, reaching New England?


47. Brown Willy hill is located in which country?


48. Who said, “A generation which ignores history has no past and no future”?

Robert Heinlein

49. Who is the highest wicket-taker in Test cricket?

Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka)

50. 1873 Buntline Target revolver was originated in which country?


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