50 Trivia Questions General Knowledge Quiz Test Questions

Trivia questions quiz questions general knowledge fun quiz and interesting facts are alive. Love should be regarded as neither short nor long, neither that much nor that little, neither dark nor white, neither fat nor thin, neither good nor evil. If we challenge the value of love/happiness by claiming that these are only chemical reactions in the brain, trivia questions quiz questions, we may also question the value of knowledge, which is likewise a mental phenomenon involving chemical interactions in the brain. In the end, knowledge is no more significant/meaningful/noble than any other thought or emotion. I believe that at some point, asking questions and attempting to understand the meaning of things becomes meaningless without trivia questions quiz questions.

The only thing that changes is certain cells in our brain, and the real world remains the same no matter what we think or what incredible insights we find these trivia questions quiz questions helpful. Perhaps the want to know everything is just another fixation that we humans have, like the desire for money, power, and so on. We spend all of our time and effort attempting to get more information rather than striving to become richer or more powerful tools like trivia questions quiz questions. Is it really any better than the rest of the ostensibly “material” items? “I thought to myself: I have accumulated a bigger supply of understanding than anybody before me in Jerusalem,” King Solomon said. I have mastered all types of wisdom and science. I’ve tried to grasp philosophy and science, as well as idiocy and foolishness, and I’ve come to realize that it’s all chasing after the wind with trivia questions quiz questions.

Trivia Questions General Knowledge Quiz Test Questions

1. DB AutoZug GmbH is a railway company in which country?


2. Which conflict resulted in the halted of the spread of Judaism in modern-day Mi’irabawi?

Conquests of the Emperor Amda Seyon I (1316–1332)

3. Who held the office of the Chancellor of Germany during the period of German reunification?

Helmut Kohl

4. The Asyut Treasure is the name of an important hoard of jewellery of which civilization, found near the city of Asyut, central Egypt?


5. NSW make 802 against South Australia, then Mailey takes 8-81 in which year?


6. What is an Arabic term used to refer to various Islamic military groups willing to sacrifice themselves for a larger campaign?


7. Abdallah Jaber is one of the most-capped players in football from which country’s national team?


8. What is a dessert consisting of lemon juice, eggs, and condensed milk in a pie crust, frequently made of graham crackers and butter?

Lemon icebox pie

9. C.D. FAS is a popular football club in which country?

El Salvador

10. In 1937, which Dutch Minister proclaims married women are forbidden to work?


11. Fauconbridge is a ghost character in Shakespeare’s which famous play?

Henry IV, Part 2, Act I, scene 3, mentioned as a conspirator accompanying the Archbishop

12. In 1994, Maltese Falcon was auctioned for how much?


13. The Auden Group or the Auden Generation is a group of British and Irish writers active in which decade?


14. Caju Amigo drink is available in which country?


15. PGA Championship Men’s Golf, Hillcrest CC: Defending champion Leo Diegel defeats whom, 6 & 4 in the final in 1929?

Johnny Farrell

16. UHK Krems handball club was located in which country?


17. Who won the Ligue 1 Player of the Year award three times playing for Paris Saint-Germain; the most wins by a single player?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

18. Frente de Izquierda y de los Trabajadores – Unidad – is the slogan of which political coalition in Argentina?

Workers’ Left Front – United

19. What is the Greek mythological serpent with a head at each end?


20. In 1920, USPD-KPD parties merge into the Vereinigte Communist Party of which country?


21. What is a Norfolk Southern rail tunnel near Cooks Springs, Alabama on the mainline between Birmingham and Anniston?

Cooks Springs Tunnel

22. There has never been an official State Poet Laureate in which US state?


23. Orange County California files for bankruptcy in which year?


24. Who was Beccán mac Luigdech (fl. c. 650,) by recognition?

Irish poet

25. After scoring 226 in the 1st Test in Brisbane, who belts 219 for NSW against the visiting South Africa at the Sydney Cricket Ground in 1931?

Don Bradman

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Don Bradman

26. Félix Houphouët-Boigny, the first President of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire took his office on what date?

3 November 1960

27. Phillies sell infielder-outfielder, Cesar Tovar, to the Texas Rangers in which year?


28. Who was the El Salvador Football League top scorer in the 1969 season with 31 goals?

Elenilson Franco (Brazil)

29. What was an American grunge band formed in 1980 in Stanwood, Washington by pre-Tad member Kurt Danielson?

Bundle of Hiss

30. Gas refrigerator was patented in which year?


31. There are Fifty Yoki (Ryo) Wazamono in Japan, means what?


32. 10th Islander shut-out opponent-Glenn Resch 3-0 vs whom in 1975?


33. Warner Brothers’ 5th TV network launched on what date?

Jan 11, 1995

34. Kate in 1970 is a retired typhoon’s name in which country?

The Philippines

35. KWG-AM in Stockton CA begins radio transmissions in which year?


36. During WWII, What was there in Astoria, Oregon, as a part of United States Navy shore activities?

Naval Air Station

37. What is Nisyros in Greece?

A volcano

38. Conservatism is an ideology associated with which area?


39. Rumah Gadang is an Asian style for what?


40. Biltmore Theater opens at 261 W 47th St NYC in which year?


41. What is a padded striking post used as a training tool in various styles of traditional karate?


42. In Britain, which term dates from the appointment of Bernard André by Henry VII of England?

Poet Laureate

43. Who won the 6th Billboard Music Awards held in 1995?

TLC, Hootie & The Blowfish

44. Açuã River is located in which country?


45. In CFL Grey Cup, AAA Grounds, Hamilton, 1935, Winnipeg Pegs (later Blue Bombers) defeat whm by 18-12?

Hamilton Tigers

46. Who is the first Olympic gold medalist of Denmark?

Carl Schuhmann (Gymnastics, Men’s vault, 1896 Athens)

47. A surviving poem about sibagh is attributed to which Arab Caliph?

Caliph Al-Mu’tamid

48. Mashonaland defeat which team in the first-class tour match in 1996?


49. Created in Bahia in 1998, what is a natural monument in Brazil?

Ferro Doido Waterfall

50. German election was held in which month in 1924, where Social Democrats win, Nazis & Communists lose?


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