50 Multiple Choice General Knowledge Quiz with Answers MCQ

The multiple choice general knowledge quiz with answers MCQ is a source to learn free. We repeat the Garden of Eden scenario day after day as we move through life. We feed on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil on a regular basis. We think it’s wonderful that we’ve learned so much. What good has this information brought us with a multiple-choice general knowledge quiz with answers MCQ? Why do we wish to have God’s mind? Because we are curious as to what He will accomplish and how He will do it. Everything would have been perfect if Adam and Eve had simply taken care of what God had given them for example multiple-choice general knowledge quiz with answers MCQ. That was insufficient. They desired to possess the same understanding as God. The difficulty is that even if they received God’s understanding, they lacked the tools to put it into practice pf this multiple-choice general knowledge quiz with answers MCQ.

Multiple Choice General Knowledge GK Quiz with Answers MCQ

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The Battle of Hartsville took place in northern Tennessee on December 7, 1862, at the start of the Stones River Campaign of the American Civil War. The National Register of Historic Places recognizes the Battlefield of Hartsville.

Early in November 1862, Union Maj. Gen. William S. Rosecrans advanced his Army of the Cumberland southeast from Nashville, Tennessee, toward Murfreesboro, beginning the Stones River Campaign. After his loss at the Battle of Perryville, Confederate General Braxton Bragg, leading the Army of Tennessee, fled there. To prevent Rosecrans from foraging for supplies north of Nashville, Bragg ordered Colonel John Hunt Morgan to advance north with his cavalry and act in Rosecrans’ lines of communication. Morgan’s foray to the north, which took place at Hartsville, a Cumberland River crossing location about 40 miles upstream from Nashville and north of Murfreesboro, was an episode in Morgan’s campaign before Rosecrans had the majority of his infantry forces on the march.

The 106th Ohio Infantry, 108th Ohio Infantry, 104th Illinois Infantry, and 2nd Indiana Cavalry were part of the 39th Brigade, XIV Corps, Army of the Cumberland, which guarded the river crossing at Hartsville. Col. Absalom B. Moore led the brigade. Morgan crossed the river in the early hours of December 7, 1862, under cover of darkness, with around 1,300 men, mostly Kentuckians, outmanned by roughly 1,000 Union forces. Another Union troop, three times the size of the one at Castalian Springs, was stationed nine miles distant, close enough to hear the cannons but too far enough to participate.

Morgan’s onslaught caught the Union camp off guard. According to one narrative, the Confederates wore blue uniforms and acted as refugees to get past the picket line, while another claims they wore civilian clothing and posed as refugees. At 6:45 a.m., the attack started with a simultaneous artillery bombardment and infantry assault, with cavalry striking the flanks and rear. After an hour, one of Moore’s battalions broke and fled, causing chaos and forcing the Federals to retreat. The Confederates had encircled the Union forces by 8:30 a.m., persuading Col. Moore to surrender. Let’s solve these multiple-choice general knowledge quiz with answers MCQ!

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