100 GK Questions for Class 7th with Answers in English Quiz

GK questions for class 7th with answers in English general knowledge to printable trivia quizzes are here for the fit performers who wish to start GK learning and practice from the beginning.

There is no end to the General knowledge quiz, you will find many more gk questions for class 7th with answers in English here in this website. In order to get a clear idea about all types of gk questions with answers, practice more and more from gk questions for class 7th with answers in English is a fundamental requirement. Since the data and facts are changing every moment, these parts of gk questions for class 7th with answers in English general knowledge free online quiz tests will give a clear picture of the whole.

Let’s solve these selected quizzes from gk questions for class 7th with answers in English now! This general knowledge quiz is appropriate for all.

GK questions for class 7th with answers in English

1. Who is the most famous handball player?

Mikkel Hansen

2. How many stars are there on the flag of Singapore?

Five stars

3. What kind of fruit is a kumquat?

Small Orange

4. What is the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet?


5. Which is the largest three-digit number?


6. Which fruit contains the most protein?


7. Which characters are described as being three apples high?

The Smurfs

8. What does the Roman Emperor’s title Germanicus mean?

“victorious in Germania”

9. What is Irkalla?

The underworld from which there is no return is Babylonian mythology.

10. When is International Literacy Day celebrated?

8th September

11. Sir William Henry Bragg and William Lawrence Bragg received the Nobel Prize in 1915 in which category?


12. What is accompanied by thunderstorms bringing rainfall to Karnataka, Kerala, and parts of Tamil Nadu during the months of March and April?

Mango showers

13. How many players are in a quidditch team?

7 players

14. Which US president was once the sheriff of Erie County, New York, and twice had to spring the trap at a hanging?

Grover Cleveland

15. How many players are on a basketball team?

5 players

16. What is kibbeh?

Lebanese cuisine

17. What is Union Jack?

National Flag of the United Kingdom

18. How to say good night in French?

bonne nuit

19. What does sengetsu mean in the Japanese language?

last month

20. Name the invention of John Logie Baird.


21. When you celebrate the 17 year anniversary, what would you name it?


22. What is Gwyllgi?

a large black dog that haunts lonely roads in Welsh mythology

23. Meknes city is located in which country?


24. What is Estonian?

Language and native in Estonia

25. Which pianist won Britain’s Got Talent in 2017?

Tokio Myers

26. Mention a word with all vowels in order.


27. What is a Ragamuffin?


28. Which animals use their tongue to lap up their food?

Dogs and cats

29. What is Black Molly?


30. What is the square root of 169?


31. What is a Miniature Schnauzer?


32. What is the Earth’s highest underwater waterfall?

Denmark Strait cataract

33. What is Independence Day in Kyrgyzstan?

August 31

34. Which strait marks the division between Asia to the East, and Europe to the west?

The Dardanelles

35. What part of a cell controls its activity?

The nucleus

36. Oxygen is a non-metal. True/ False?


37. Which is the oldest civilization in Asia?

India (Indus valley)

38. What is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust?


39. Who invented the wheel?


40. Which country has its capital”Abu Dhabi”?

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

41. What is the most abundant element in the universe?


42. What came after Stone Age?


43. What is the estimated cost of the sunken treasure that is said to still be in oceans around the world?

Over $60 billion

44. Venus takes how many days to rotate around its own axis?

243 earth days

45. What is the name of the atmospheric effect that causes global warming?

The greenhouse gas effect

46. What percent of oxygen is there in the Earth’s atmosphere, crust, and oceans?

About 49.5%

47. How old is the shortest era?

2.58 million years ago
Quaternary Period

48. Which strait connects the North Sea with the English Channel?

Strait of Dover

49. What was the first era called?


50. Which Channel divides the Indian Islands Andaman and Nicobar in the Bay of Bengal?

Ten Degree Channel

51. How old is human civilization?

about 6,000 years

52. Oxygen gas normally is what?

the divalent molecule O2

53. What is semimetals or metalloids?

Form of metals

54. The human body contains enough carbon to provide “lead” (which is really graphite) for how many pencils?

9,000 pencils

55. What is the largest country in the world?


56. What is the national flower in Scotland?

Thistle (Cirsium Altissimum)

57. What is the most abundant element in the human body, by mass?

Oxygen (in the form of water)

58. What is the internet domain TLD for Kuwait?


59. What is the average gestation period for the Donkey?

365 days

60. What does the 26 atomic number denote?

Iron (Fe)

61. What is Timia?

An Oasis in Niger

62. The word metal comes from the Greek word ‘metallon,’ which means what?

quarry or to mine or excavate

63. Which strait is between Alaska and Siberia?

Bering Strait

64. The steamer sailed _____ the riverbank.


65. Who plays Eleven in the Netflix show Stranger Things?

Millie Bobby Brown

66. Name some most commonly used metals.

Iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, and lead

67. Although oxygen gas is colorless, the liquid and solid forms of oxygen are of what color?


68. What are primarily shiny, hard solids that are good conductors of heat and electricity?


69. Their bedroom is right _________ ours.


70. What should be subtracted from 19700 so that it becomes a perfect cube root?


71. How many days Venus takes to complete one orbit of the Sun?

224.7 Earth days

72. Ozone, O3, is a form of what gas?

Pure oxygen

73. Which country had the first Democratically elected female President in the World?


74. Which South American country starts and ends with the same letter?


75. What type of creature is a bat?


76. What are the only two non-silvery metals?

Gold and copper

77. An Indonesian speaks which language?


78. What percent of the chemical elements are metals?

About 75%

79. A native from Hungary is called what?


80. What is the height of the highest mountain in South America in meters?

Aconcagua (6,962 m)

81. Which hormone controls sleep and wake cycles?


82. Lightning strikes produce what element and strengthen the ozone layer of the atmosphere?

O3 (Ozone)

83. Does oxygen supports combustion?


84. Where is Barmouth town located?


85. How many stripes are there on the flag of the USA?


86. Venus is hotter than Mercury despite being further away from the Sun. True/ False?


87. The rat is ___ my bed.


88. The only letter not appearing on the periodic table is what?


89. Which country is Home to the First Known Geyser (name, Geysir) in the World?


90. What is the capital of Argentina from where the famous football player Lionel Messi belongs?

Buenos Aires

91. What is Citrus bigaradia?

bigarade orange

92. If you mix half a liter of alcohol and half a liter of water, what will happen?

The total volume of the liquid will be “less” than one liter

93. What is the first nation under a million to win a Medal at the Olympics in a Group Sport (Football)?


94. What is Dirt speedway racing?

Car racing

95. An ice cube takes up what percent more volume than the water used to make it?

About 9%

96. The chemical name for water (H2O) is what?

Dihydrogen monoxide

97. What is the national flower in Malta?

The Maltese Centaury Paleocyanus Crasifoleus

98. Which form of oxygen itself does not burn?

Pure oxygen

99. Holuhraun Volcano is located in which country?


100. If the population of any species has declined by 80 to more than 90 % and has less than 50 individual populations, it is considered as what?

Critically Endangered

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