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TV Show trivia is a source of great fun and knowledge. TV Show trivia is a hidden gem, precious treasure.  Here are 200 TV Show Trivia covering all ages.

Are you an enormous fan of TV Show Trivia? Then these questions are only for you, as we’ll be placing you to the check-in opposition to a variety of fashionable TV Show Trivia.

Everyone seems to be a professional relating to tv. In any case, individuals spend a mean of 5 hours a day watching TV and TV Show Trivia.

Present everybody that it wasn’t time wasted since you at the moment are a powerhouse of TV Show Trivia.

We’ve got collated a thrilling mixture of milestones, odd info, and must-know particulars of TV Show Trivia applications that you should use to impress family and friends.

See how your data of “Gunsmoke” measure up in opposition to the technology raised on “Simpsons.” Use this trivia quiz for added analysis on the TV Show Trivia that outlined your life.

Let’s find the tv show trivia below

1. What is the name of reality TV series that follows the work of several logging crews in the second-growth forests of Northwestern Oregon, Washington, and Montana, and the rivers of Louisiana and Florida?

Ax Men

2. It’s a Knockout is a British game show first broadcast in which year?


3. What is an American adventure reality game show in which typically eleven teams of two race around the world?

The Amazing Race

4. In which American TV drama show during 1974-75, a family seeks refuge from the hectic pace of city living and relocates to George’s hometown of Appleton, Iowa?

The Apples of Los Angeles

5. What is an American television soap opera that aired on CBS for 54 years from April 2, 1956, to September 17, 2010?

As the World Turns (often referred to as ATWT)

6. What was the first regularly scheduled color television series?

“The World Is Yours!” (CBS)

7. What’s the first TV show ever made?

The Queen’s Messenger (aired on Sept. 11, 1928)

8. What was the highest-grossing film of 2019?

Avengers: Endgame

9. Which three films did James Dean star in?

East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause and Giant

10. Which popular 1990s TV series that ran from 1994-2004 featured characters named Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross?


11. Who created MacGyver?

Lee David Zlotoff

12. Who is the most successful reality TV star according to google?

Cardi B (Love & Hip Hop: New York)

13. Which First Lady made a guest appearance on The Mary Tyler Moore Show?

First Lady Betty Ford

14. Which controversial, but popular television show that ran from 1971-1979 featured a working-class, bigoted head of household?

All In The Family

15. Which US Soap Opera first aired on CBS in 1956?

As the World Turns

16. Which cartoon television show based on the Griffin family became popular in the early 2000s?

Family Guy

16. What is the All in the Family theme song?

Those Were the Days

17. Which 1960s show featured a talking horse owned by Wilbur Post?

Mr. Ed

18. Macgyver was first aired on which date?

September 29, 1985 – May 21, 1992

19. What series follows the adventures of a struggling rock band from Los Angeles, California consisting of Micky, Davy, Michael, and Peter?

The Monkees

21. What was the name of the charter boat that shipwrecked in the 1960s show “Gilligan’s Island”?

S.S. Minnow

22. Which Seinfeld character was in the army?


23. Which sitcom about the dysfunctional Bundy family ran from 1987-1997?

Married With Children

24 Which original actresses played the Angels, in the popular 1970s show “Charlie’s Angels”?

Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson

25. What was the name of the Lone Ranger’s horse from “The Lone Ranger” which ran from 1949-1954?


26. TV series Hercules was first aired on which date?

January 16, 1995

27. What TV show is famous for the catchphrase “Missed it by that much!”?

Get Smart

28. Which actor starred as Michael Knight in the television series “Knight Rider” that ran from 1982-1986?

David Hasselhoff

29. Which character has been described by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone as “a little Archie Bunker”?


31. Which American comedy series has won a record 37 Emmy Awards?


32. What is the title of the first-ever Game of Throne episode?

Winter is Coming

33. What is the name of the pub featured in UK soap Emmerdale

The Woolpack

34. How many episodes of the macgyver series was have aired?

78 episodes

35. What MTV reality television series began with the narration: “This is the true story of seven strangers…”?

The Real World

36. Who played Charlie Harper in Two and a Half Men?

Charlie Sheen

37. What are the names of the two winners of Love Island series 1

Jess and Max

38. Mysterious Island is a Canadian and New-Zealand television series based on which work?

Jules Verne’s novel L’Île mystérieuse

39. Which character was mistakenly animated with the wrong color in his/her first appearance on the Simpsons?

Waylon Smithers

40. What was the most-watched Netflix original TV series of 2019?

Stranger Things

41. The Wire is set in which US city?


42. What is the population of David Lynch’s idiosyncratic town Twin Peaks?


43. What sitcom was a U.S. version of Johnny Speight’s hit UK TV series, “Till Death Us Do Part”?

All in the Family

44. Which key Breaking Bad character was famously meant to die in series one?

Jesse Pinkman

45. Which character becomes a wanted fugitive during the final season of The Office?


46. What are the dying words of Charles Foster Kane in Citizen Kane?


47. On the television series Bones, Seeley Booth is descended from an assassin who killed which political figure?

Abraham Lincoln

48. What was the name of the detective agency owned by Maddie Hayes on Moonlighting?

Blue Moon Detective Agency

49. In The Matrix, does Neo take the blue pill or the red pill?


50. What was the longest-running of the “fantasy sitcoms” that dominated the airwaves in the mid-1960s?


51. How many episodes were aired of the popular TV series Mysterious Island?


52. Who was the Salem Stalker on Days of Our Lives?

Marlena Evans

53. For what movie did Steven Spielberg win his first Oscar for Best Director?

Schindler’s List

54. What was the first TV show to involve an illegal abortion?

Another World

55. Which is the only foreign film to win Best Picture at the Oscars?


56. What TV show is credited for a massive surge of applications for courses in forensic science?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

57. What was the first American drama series to react to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States?

The West Wing

58. Who acted as the Batman in the 1960s American live-action television series Batman?

Adam West

59. John Singleton is the youngest person to be nominated for Best Director at the Oscars. For which film was he nominated?

Boyz n the Hood

61. Which Presidential drama began in 1999 and ran until 2006 and featured actors like Allison Janney, Martin Sheen, Rob Lowe, and John Spencer?

The West Wing

62. What American TV show was based on the British sitcom Man About the House?

Three’s Company

63. What was the first R-rated TV show?


64. Who wrote the score for 1994 Disney film The Lion King?

Hans Zimmer

65. What TV series, originally set during World War II, jumped ahead several decades to the 1970s beginning with its second season?

Wonder Woman

66. Which famous actor got his start playing young Mason Capwell on NBC’s daytime drama Santa Barbara?


67. When was the National Television Awards’ Most Popular Entertainment/TV Presenter category won by someone other than Ant and Dec?


68. What is the name of the Christmas hit written by Will Brewis’ (Hugh Grant) father in comedy  About a Boy?

Santa’s Super Sleigh

69. Which veteran actors starred in the lead roles of True Detective, season one.

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson

70. Which actress received an Emmy Award for her work on the sitcom The Golden Girls?

Each of the show’s four stars

71. What was the first TV show theme song to hit the Billboard Top 60 pop chart?


72. What product was advertised in the first television commercial?

Bulova watches

73. What is the first name of Zoolander’s title character?


74. Mary Poppins is the nanny to which family?

The Banks family

75. Which actor chipped a tooth making Fight Club?

Brad Pitt

76. What is the name of Batman’s butler?

Alfred Pennyworth

77. What was the first science fiction series on television?

Captain Video and His Video Rangers

78. What year was the first American television picture broadcast?


79. 25 “After all, tomorrow is another day!” was the last line in which Oscar-winning Best Picture?

Gone With The Wind

80. Which well-known Welsh village was the primary setting for the 1960s TV show The Prisoner?


81. Who played Drew’s lady friend Celia in Season 4 of The Drew Carey Show?

Shirley Jones

82. Which TV theme begins with the words: “You know we belong together…”

Home and Away

83. Which critically acclaimed US TV drama was set around the fictional Sterling Cooper advertising agency in New York?

Mad Men

84. What was the first network television show to use the F word?

Saturday Night Live

85. What was the first animated series made for prime-time network television?

The Flintstones

86. In which fictional town was the sitcom Dad’s Army set?


87. Which comedian and actor plays Alan Partridge?

Steve Coogan

88. Who were the original presenters of Top Gear when it launched in 2002?

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and Jason Dawe

89. What character that originally appeared in “Homicide: Life on the Street” has gone on to appear in a dozen different television shows?

John Munch

90. In what year was the Independent Television network, later known as ITV, launched?


91. What sitcom follows the life of Liz Lemon, a writer for a fictional sketch-comedy The Girlie Show?

30 Rock

92. Ken Jennings, a contestant on which popular quiz show, won over 2.5 million dollars in 2004?


93. What was the family name of the main characters in the Cosby Show which ran from 1984-1992?

The Huxtable Family

94. What popular children’s show debuted on PBS in 1969?

Sesame Street

95. Who was Alex P. Keaton’s youngest sibling on Family Ties?


96. Who was the first U. S. President to appear on television?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

97. The popular show American Bandstand started in 1952 and was hosted by whom?

Dick Clark

98. Who portrayed the character of Charlie Harper after Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half  Men?

Kathy Bates

99. In what reality TV show are contestants eliminated in “tribal council”?


100. What is the highest-rated TV series on the IMDB Top 250 TV series list?

Breaking Bad

101. In 1981, what show became the lowest-rated series ever renewed for a second season?

Hill Street Blues

102. Which British TV show recorded the largest audience for a single episode with over 30 million viewers?
Eastenders (on Christmas Day 1986)

103. Where is Strictly Come Dancing filmed?

Elstree Studios

104. Who was the youngest person to host Saturday Night Live?

E.T. star

105. In what year did long-running children’s program Blue Peter first broadcast in the UK?


106. Who played Rodney Trotter in Only Fools and Horses?

Nicholas Lyndhurst

107. Which actor portrayed Inspector Morse?

John Thaw

108. What did Samantha confess to Darrin in the pilot episode of Bewitched?

she is a witch

109. Who played Grandma Squarepants on the animated TV show Spongebob Squarepants?

Marion Ross

110. Whose wedding holds the record for the highest-rated soap opera episode in American daytime television history?

Luke and Laura’s wedding

111. Name the creators of Stranger Things

The Duffer Brothers

112. What’s the pub called in Channel soap Hollyoaks?

The Dog in the Pond

113. Who became the first female presenter of Question Time in 2019?

Fiona Bruce

114. What is Gomer Pyle’s catchphrase on The Andy Griffith Show and Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.?

“Shazam!”, “Gawwww-leeeee”, and “Sur-prise, sur-prise, sur-prise!”

115. What TV game show featured the dreaded “Whammies”?

Press Your Luck

116. For what is Nancy Cartwright best known?

Being the voice of Bart Simpson in the Simpsons

117. What is the name of Rene’s wife in ‘Allo ‘Allo?


118. Which future musical superstar once appeared as one of Rudy’s friends on The Cosby Show?

Alicia Keys

119. Who does the voiceover on Love Island?

Iain Stirling

120. Which character stays behind in Korea in the series finale of M*A*S*H?


121. Who plays Eleven in Stranger Things?

Millie Bobby Brown

122. In the Gilligan’s Island theme song, which two characters were originally referred to as “and the rest”?

the Professor and Mary Ann

123. Who co-created hit US sitcom Seinfeld with Jerry Seinfeld?

Larry David

124. Friends ended in May 2004 after how many seasons?


125. What was Floyd Lawson’s occupation on The Andy Griffith Show?


126. What colors is the Brady Bunch kitchen?

orange laminate countertops and avocado green appliances

127. What is the main pub called in Peaky Blinders where the Shelby’s meet?

The Garrison Tavern

128. Long-running ITV police drama The Bill was set in which fictional suburb?

Sun Hill

129. What was the name of the inn owned by Dick Louden on Newhart?

Stratford Inn

130. Who played Alf Garnett in Till Death Us Do Part?

Warren Mitchell

131. Who was the only regular cast member of the TV show “M*A*S*H” to actually serve in the Army in Korea?

Jamie Farr

132. Name the comedy duo who starred in anarchic hit Bottom

Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson

133. Who played Queen Elizabeth II in the first two seasons of The Crown?

Claire Foy

134. What position did Sam Malone play for the Boston Red Sox before buying the bar on Cheers?

relief pitcher

135. Which TV show features Miranda Hobbes and Samantha Jones?

Sex and the City

136. How does Charlie Harper die in Two and a Half Men?

a piano that is being transported by helicopter falls from the sky

137. What was the name of the 1981 Brady Bunch spin-off series?

The Brady Brides

138. In which city do Ross and Rachel get married in Friends?

Las Vegas (end of season 5)

139. Which UK show is the world’s longest news and current affairs TV program?

Panorama (1953 to present day)

140. In MacGyver what foundation did the title character work for?

Phoenix Foundation

141. Who played Chandler’s father on Friends?

Kathleen Turner

142. The following have all presented which TV show? Bruce Forsyth, Larry Grayson, Jim Davidson and Mel & Sue (Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins)

The Generation Game

143. In which fictional town is Netflix show Stranger Things primarily set?

Hawkins, Indiana

146. What is the capital of Westeros in Game of Thrones?

King’s Landing

147. What is the name of the prison in the popular BBC sitcom Porridge starring Ronnie Barker?

HMP Slade

148. In Bewitched, what part of her body does Samantha twitch to practice magic?

nose twitch

149. What was the name of Michael Knight’s car on Knight Rider?

KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand)

150. Which actor played Perry Mason in the popular 1950s & 1960s show “Perry Mason”?

Raymond Burr

151. What was the name of Norm’s wife on Cheers?


152. Who was the actress who played Samantha in the 1960s show “Bewitched”?

Elizabeth Montgomery

153. What were the names of the two government agents played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in the 1993-2002 series X-Files?

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully

154. Which weekly television series on NBC was the first to air completely in color in 1959?


155. During what year in the 2000s did television writers strike for nearly three months while demanding a percentage of internet content revenue?


156. Every episode of Seinfeld contains an image or reference to what superhero?


157. What was Tony Nelson’s job in I Dream of Jeannie?


158. Who presents Dragons’ Den?

Evan Davis

159. What was the name of the android on Star Trek: The Next Generation?

Lieutenant Commander Data

160. In 1995, more than 22 million people tuned in to a special BBC Panorama interview with Princess Diana. Which journalist conducted the interview?

Martin Bashir

161. What TV series showed the first interracial kiss on American network television?

Star Trek

162. The Adventures of Robin Hood is a British television series comprising 143 episodes released the year


163. What color is Thunderbird 2 piloted by Virgil Tracy in Thunderbirds?


164. What was the name of Data’s daughter on Star Trek: The Next Generation?


165. What was the first full program to be shown on Channel 4 on the afternoon of its launch in 1982?


166. Who presented TV quiz Blockbusters between 1983 and 1995?

Bob Holness

167. Which member of The Beatles narrated the first series of Thomas the Tank Engine on TV?

Ringo Starr

168. What is the genre of the American TV show The Addams Family (1964–1966)?


169. What is the phrase on the UFO poster in Fox Mulder’s office in X-Files?

I Want to Believe

170. In Dark Shadows, what was the name of the spooky mansion where most of the action took place?
Collinwood Mansion

171. Which entertainment show featured the phrase, ‘Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be…’?

Stars In Their Eyes

172. What was the name of Rosco P. Coltrane’s dog on The Dukes of Hazzard?


173. Which US comedy actress created the Netflix show, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?

Tina Fey

174. What television series was the first to air the sound of a toilet being flushed?

All in the Family

175. The popular 1970s television series Laverne & Shirley took place in which American city?


176. What were the names of the four main characters in the TV series “Golden Girls” that ran from 1985-1992?

Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia

177. In Wizards of Waverly Place, Alex’s boyfriend is what sort of mythological creature?

a werewolf

178. Which popular science fiction franchise aired its first episode in 1966?

Star Trek

179. What color was Jeannie’s harem costume in I Dream of Jeannie?


180. The popular 1990s TV show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” featured which superstar actor and rapper at the beginning of his career?

Will Smith

181. HBO’s Game of Thrones is based on a series of novels by what author?

George R. R. Martin

182. What late-night comedy sketch show first aired in 1975?

Saturday Night Live

183. Which Cold Feet character died in a shock car crash?


184. Name Casualty’s longest-serving character.

Charlie Fairhead

185. In what TV show did Sheriff Andy Taylor first appear?

The Danny Thomas Show

186. What is the name of Miranda Hart’s best friend in her hit sitcom?


187. Which singing competition was the first to feature Simon Cowell as a judge?

Pop Idol

188. Why was Adventures of Superman canceled?

two stars of Adventures of Superman were found dead

189. Which of these actors has not appeared in The Vicar of Dibley: Emilia Fox, Keeley Hawes, Peter Capaldi

Emilia Fox

190. In the TV show Hustle, who played lead character Mickey “Bricks” Stone?

Adrian Lester

191. Cop drama Life on Mars is named after a song by which musician?

David Bowie

192. What sort of business did George Jefferson own on The Jeffersons?

dry-cleaning business

193. What television comedy depicts the lives of employees of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company?

The Office

194. In sci-fi series Black Mirror, which song regularly appears in different stories?

Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand) by Irma Thomas

195. Ant and Dec first worked together on which children’s TV drama?

Byker Grove

196. Amy Poehler, Rob Lowe, and Chris Pratt worked together on which US comedy series?

Parks and Recreation

197. Which girl group performed during the opening minutes of Channel 5’s launch in 1997 in the UK?

The Spice Girls

198. What Disney Channel series launched Miley Cyrus to fame?

Hannah Montana

199. In what year did Coronation Street first air on ITV?


200. How many episodes of Game of Thrones are there?


201. What is the name of the opening number from 2016 musical La La Land

Another Day of Sun

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