100 GK Questions and Answers Quiz for Class 10 Printable Trivia

GK questions and answers for class 10 General knowledge free online quiz test is ready for your click and go! Solving general knowledge and gaining excellence has an open secret, to practice more and more. These GK questions and answers for class 10 are picked from many reliable sources where readers will find charm, attraction, twists, and a lot of surprises.

General knowledge quiz GK questions and answers for class 10 can be solved for many purposes, including examination, debater, data collection, time pass, fun, and learning.

Let’s solve these GK questions and answers for class 10, wish you the best! These GK questions and answers are also appropriate for students for class 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and above.

GK questions and answers for class 10

1. What is the largest state in the US?


2. What is Penske PC-10


3. What is the smallest county in England?


4. Who was the Roman emperor during 198–217?


5. Which is the first ship that circumnavigated the Earth?


6. Second Sino-Japanese War took place during which years?


7. What is the smallest state in Australia?


8. What is the most populated province in China?

Guangdong Province

9. Who was the 3rd Earl of Hertford during 1173-1217?

Richard de Clare

10. Which country’s border touches the maximum countries?


11. What honorary title a Roman emperor would get for being “victorious in Media”?


12. What is Alisio?

easterly trade wind in the Caribbean

13. Which Canadian province has the most water?

province of Quebec

14. Which dynasty ruled for the maximum period in Delhi Sultanate?

Tughlaq dynasty (93 years)

15. Which is the largest bone in the human body?

The femur (thighbone)

16. How many systems are in the human body?


17. What type of race tracks are suitable for horse racing?

Turf, dirt, or synthetic surface

18. Who has the cleanest water in the world?


19. Your lettered blood type is determined by what?

Which antibodies are in your plasma and which antigens are found on your red blood cells.

20. What is the capital of the country Monaco?

Monte Carlo

21. Which is the cleanest city in Asia?


22. Bluffer’s Park Beach with the blue flag is located in which city?


23. Every second, your body produces how many new cells?

25 million

24. What does the Latin word Octdecennial mean?

18 years

25. Which is the largest desert in the world?

Sahara Desert (Located in Africa)

26. What does èr yuè mean in Chinese?


27. What is the color of a healthy lung?


28. The Breeders’ Cup is given in which sport?

Horse racing

29. bacteriology, mycology, protozoology, and phycology are part of what?


30. Where is the Kalahari desert situated?


31. Each blood group can be either positive or negative, resulting in how many possible blood types?


32. Drammen city is located in which country?


33. Who is the best racehorse of all time?


34. How many people speak Georgian?

3.7 million

35. Which is the longest river in the world?

Nile (Egypt )

36. What is the primary site of photosynthesis in plants?


37. “A Time to Heal” is written by which US president?

Gerald Ford (1979) available at Amazon

38. Anyone can use which group of blood?

O- blood

39. What was probably the first metal mined and crafted by humans?


40. Who was Farruksiyar?

Mughal Emperor (1713 – 1719)

41. How many types of bees are there in a be hive?

3 types, Worker, Drone and Queen

42. Koala bears eat only what leaves?


43. Where are more than half of your bones located?
hands, wrists, feet, and ankles.

44. How many of 118 elements have names tied to the Earth and the other 9 have names connected to bodies in the Solar System?


45. Which is the largest island in the world?

2nd place > New Guinea

46. Which country has its capital, Andorra la Vella?


47. The tendency of dissimilar particles or surfaces to cling to one another as a result of intermolecular forces – is called what?


48. Who is the father of modern microbiology?

Sergei Winogradsky

49. Which Airport in the UK has its IATA code BRR?

Barra Airport

50. Where is Tehran located?


51. Which country has its currency New Kwanza?


52. Which system of the body transports blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout the body?

The cardiovascular (or circulatory) system

53. Panda bears eat primarily what leaves?


54. What is the molecular formula for Phenol?


55. Which is the most spoken language in the world?

Mandarin (Chinese)
2nd place > Spanish

56. What is the atomic number for Copper?


57. An Italian speaks which language?


58. Which part is absent in a typical leaf?


59. What is the national sport in Paraguay?


60. What is used in making pencils?


61. What is Barton-On-Humber?

Town in England

62. What is the function of keyboard shortcut CTRL + R or F5?

[Refresh the active window]

63. Which system of the body takes in and processes food?

The digestive system

64. Name a country in Europe that starts and ends with the same letter.


65. Which is the biggest continent in the world?


66. Which element has its symbol Ni?


67. What is the most poisonous plant in the world?

Castor oil plant

68. What is a British shorthair?


69. What is the Birthstone of January?


70. Which Mughal ruler is associated with Bibi ka Maqbara?


71. Anguilla is located in which region?

Leeward Islands, Caribbean

72. How many blood groups are there?


73. What is the month of August in Greek?


74. Which is the strongest leaf in the world?

Victoria Water Lilly

75. Which is the biggest bird in the world?


76. Name a country in Asia without any river.


77. Which system of the body produces hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual reproduction?

The endocrine system

78. What is the national emblem of the Bahamas?

Blue marlin, flamingo

79. When is Independence Day in Lithuania?

February 16

80. Who is the writer of “The God of Small Things”?

Arundhati Roy

81. One single pen could draw a line how many times longer than the height of the Empire State Building?

Over four times

82. What is the interent TLD domain for Latvia?


83. What is Quaking Aspen?

A fastest growing tree

84. What is the average gestation period for European mink?

57 days

85. Which is the tallest animal on the earth?


86. What is reciprocity?

exchange of goods or services between people that are mutually beneficial

87. What is the study of the climate called?


88. What is an American Rock?


89. Barry village is located in which country


90. What does COVID-19 mean?

Coronavirus Disease 2019

91. Silver is the most reflective metal. T/F?


92. Casu marzu is a famous delicacy in which country?


93. Mention a word with vowels in order.


94. What is a Devon Rex?


95. The Nobel Prize was started by which country?


96. What is the scientific name for Giraffe?

Giraffa camelopardalis

97. By carving up whose chair, US presidents Jefferson and Adams became some of America’s earliest vandals?


98. What are the Islands of the Blessed?

In Greek mythology, a paradise reserved for the souls of the great heroes.

99. Polio Drop was invented by whom?

Albert Sabin

100. Name any one country which is present in both Asia and Europe.


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