100 Competitive Exam GK Trivia Questions and Answers Quiz

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Competitive exam GK questions and answers

1. Dinah Shore Trophy Award is given in which sport?


2. Where is the Bath Spa Railway Station located?


3. What are sterile female honey bees called?

worker honey bees

4. Which compound has its atomic number 36?


5. Who said Politics is the art of the possible 11 Aug 1867?

Otto Von Bismarck

6. Awjila Oasis is located in which country?

Northeastern Libya

7. Which country has the largest number of world heritage sites?

China and Italy (55)

8. What is Antarctica called in French?


9. Which country has the largest number of doctors?

Belgium with its 3.78 physicians per 1000 people

10. What advertised phrase Born 1820 still going strong?

Johnnie Walker

11. Which country has the largest number of medical colleges in the world?


12. What is the element symbol for Zinc


13. Who discovered Sulpha drugs?

Domagk G.

14. Name a country in the Arabian Peninsula, Middle East


15. Hugh O’Brian played the lead in what Old Western series?

Wyatt Earp

16. Stephen Crane wrote the famous novel The Red Badge of Courage in which year?


17. What is the height of Sivasamudram Falls, Mysore, India?

320 feet/ 98 meters

18. Who was the Earl of Northumbria during 1189-1190?

Hugh de Puiset, Bishop of Durham

19. Claret Jug is given in which sport?


20. What food dish’s name translates as pepper water?

Mulligatawny — from India

21. Baxter’s law is associated with which branch?


22. Which American city was named after a British Prime Minister?


23. That last person you think of before you sleep is either the reason you are happy or in pain. T/F?


24. What defines the direct optical path length through the Earth’s atmosphere, expressed as a ratio relative to the path length vertically upwards, i.e. at the zenith?

Air mass coefficient

25. What dinosaurs the name translates as roof lizard?


26. Who assassinated emperor Yang?

General Yuwen Huaji

27. What was the title Princeps (“First Citizen” or “Leading Citizen”) for in the Roman era?

an honorific title denoting the status of the emperor as first among equals, associated mainly with the Principate

28. Any saturated acyclic hydrocarbon is called what?


29. Agrarianism is related to agriculture mean what?

Farming as a way of life that can shape ideal social values

30. In which country did Turkeys originate?


31. Which compound has its molecular formula K2CO3?

Potassium carbonate

32. What is a branch of mathematics that takes ideas from classical analytic number theory and applies them to various other areas of mathematics?

Abstract analytic number theory

33. What is the English meaning for the French idiom- être au four et au moulin?

to wear too many hats
Literal Translation: to be at the oven and the mill at the same time

34. A branch of ecology that uses ecological principles and insights to solve environment-related problems – is called what?

Applied ecology

35. A paddling is a group of which animals?


36. Eva Longoria was a cheerleader in which team?

Roy Miller High School

37. What is a synonym for Rigorous?

Harsh, severe, or demanding

38. What does theonomous mean?

Ruled, governed by, or subject to the authority of God

39. What is the August Birthstone?


40. Names – Baker – Cook Smith easy – what did a Chandler do?

Make Candles

41. What is Citrus myrtifolia?

myrtle-leafed orange

42. What is the function of the keyboard shortcut CTRL + RIGHT ARROW?

[Move the cursor to the beginning of the next word]

43. Raman Emperor Commodus was given the title Sarmaticus in spring 175 for what contribution?

“victorious in Sarmatia”

44. What is the molecular formula for Glycerin?


45. Who said, “I have no problems with drugs – only policemen”?

Keith Richard

46. Amadora city is located in which country?


47. Podyji National Park is a famous tourist attraction in which country?

Czech Republic

48. How many people speak Hebrew?

9 million people

49. Bastia International Airport is located in which country?


50. Who said – To err is human – But it feels divine?

Mae West

51. Escamol is a name of delicacy in which country?

Mexico City

52. What is a Seal point?


53. What is Fiat 28-40 HP?

Racing car

54. Which Airport in Egypt has its IATA code AAC?

El Arish International Airport

55. Robert Fitzroy captained which famous ship?

The Beagle

56. Which country has its UN code 570


57. Where is the burial of the Sui Dynasty’s Emperor Yang of Sui?


58. Name one of the most beautiful untouched places on Earth.

Shetland Islands, Scotland

59. Breeders’ Cup is given in which sport?

Horse race

60. What nationality was Mata Hari shot as a spy?


61. What is Dawn Redwood?

A fastest growing tree

62. What is Thekemvrios in Greek?


63. Who is Pat Day?

A winning jockey

64. What is the UN Code for Norfolk Island?


65. What is Sean Connery’s real first name?


66. Blood Donation Badge of Honor is presented by which country?

The German Red Cross for blood donations

67. How many calories a 10 and 11 years old girl needs to take every day?

1,800 calories per day

68. What is Slapjack?

Card game

69. How much does a queen bee cost?


70. An isohel on a map joins a place of equal what?


71. Name one of the rarest things in the world.

White Peacocks

72. Who Ruled India 5000 years ago?

Persian and Greek

73. Ward’s Island Beach is located in which city?


74. Which country has its Alpha 3 code NZL?

New Zealand

75. What is a geoduck?


76. Which Chinese dynasty started the Great Wall?

Ming Dynasty

77. Where is Bathgate town located?


78. What is the ancient name of India?


79. What is the internet country domain TLD for Luxembourg?


80. From what country does the Elkhound originate?


81. Who founded the Northern Wei Dynasty?

Tuoba Wei

82. What is the Alpha 3 code for New Caledonia?


83. What are bees scared of?

Dark colors, perfumes, and colognes

84. What is systems of production?

the way a society produces food and other resources

85. From what country does the dish skordalia come?


86. Alexandria in the Caucasus, a city founded by Alexander the Great is where now?

now Bagram, Afghanistan

87. How did the last emperor of the Ming dynasty died?


88. What is The Heptarchy?

The Heptarchy is a collective name applied to the seven kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England

89. Who was king for only 15 minutes?

Louis Antoine, Duke of Angoulême

90. What is Lolita’s surname in Vladimir Nabokov’s novel?


91. Which country has its Alpha 2 code NL?


92. How long is the Great Wall of China?

21,196 km

93. Who was the youngest British queen?

Mary, Queen of Scots, who became queen aged 6 days in 1542

94. Who is Steffen Peters?

A renowned horse rider

95. Declan McManus became famous as who?

Elvis Costello

96. Name one of the oldest diamonds in the world?

The 35 carat Beau Sancy diamond is at least 400 years old

97. Number of eggs laid by queen bee: how many per day is high?


98. What is the Alpha 2 code for Nepal?


99. What is the theological study of redemption, not only speaking of Christianity but also extended to religion in general?


100. Who said – “The bigger they come the harder they fall”?

Bob Fitzsimmons in 1899

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