100 Sports Trivia Multiple Choice MCQ General Knowledge

Sports trivia multiple choice questions and answers in the form of MCQ in order to provide the fans with fresh, new, evergreen knowledge and learning on various sports. Every investment of our life should have some return, in the form of matter, fun, learning, or anything, sports trivia multiple-choice question sets are for education. Sports trivia multiple choice is picked from different sources to make it competitive. The rules, history, and records are always interesting sports items.

Sports trivia multiple choice can be solved in the wink of eyes and grow confidence and knowledge.

100 Sports Trivia Multiple Choice MCQ General Knowledge

029-Sports Trivia Multiple Choice (100)

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Basketball’s Forgotten Marvel: Wilt Chamberlain’s Quadruple-Double

Within the annals of basketball history, Wilt Chamberlain’s name shines brightly, yet one of his most astonishing accomplishments often fades into the background—a quadruple-double. Back in 1968, Chamberlain etched his name into the record books with a statistical masterpiece. In a single game, he tallied 22 points, seized 25 rebounds, distributed 21 assists, and swatted away 12 shots. This dazzling display of versatility and dominance remains a testament to Chamberlain’s extraordinary talent.

Peyton Manning’s Aerial Mastery in the NFL

Peyton Manning, the iconic quarterback of the NFL, left an indelible mark on the league with his prodigious passing prowess. Among his vast collection of records, he boasts the most career touchdown passes and the highest passing yards in NFL history. His precision, football acumen, and on-field leadership transformed him into one of the premier quarterbacks to ever grace the game.

Rocky III: An Unexpected Nominee at the Japanese Academy Awards

In the realm of cinematic surprises, the iconic film “Rocky III,” starring Sylvester Stallone, earned an unlikely nomination at the Japanese Academy Awards back in 1984. This recognition underscored the film’s universal appeal and cultural resonance, transcending borders to garner acclaim in unexpected corners of the world. Health Supplements. Healthy Aging. Vitality. Stress Relief. Restful Sleep

Michael Jordan’s Triumphs with the Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan’s remarkable tenure with the Chicago Bulls is a narrative of unparalleled success in the world of basketball. Under his leadership, the Bulls clinched six NBA championships, cementing Jordan’s status as one of the all-time basketball greats. His legacy stretches far beyond the hardwood, inspiring countless athletes and sports enthusiasts worldwide.

The Intricate Engineering of a Golf Ball

While golf balls may appear deceptively simple, their design and construction unfold as a marvel of intricacy. Standard golf balls boast two to five layers, encompassing a core, inner cover, outer cover, and surface dimples. Each component wields a pivotal role in shaping the ball’s distance, trajectory, and spin. The meticulously crafted dimples, in particular, optimize aerodynamics and lift during flight. Understanding the anatomy of a golf ball adds a profound layer of appreciation for this seemingly straightforward piece of sporting equipment.

Roger Federer and Andy Roddick’s Marathon Wimbledon Duel

The tennis world bore witness to an epic clash in the 2009 Wimbledon final, where titans Roger Federer and Andy Roddick engaged in an astonishing 77-game battle. This grueling encounter stretched across 4 hours and 18 minutes, establishing it as the longest Wimbledon final at that time. Federer ultimately secured his 15th Grand Slam title with a 5-7, 7-6(6), 7-6(5), 3-6, 16-14 victory. Their remarkable skill, unwavering resilience, and indomitable spirit showcased the pinnacle of tennis rivalry and sportsmanship. Gym. Body Fitness. Exercise. Weight Loss. Pickleball. Cardio. Balance Bike

Bernard Tomic’s Swift Defeat in Tennis History

In the world of tennis, Australian player Bernard Tomic experienced one of the swiftest defeats ever recorded. At the 2014 Miami Open, he succumbed to Jarkko Nieminen in an astonishingly brief 28 minutes. Tomic’s abbreviated performance raised eyebrows and sparked fervent discussions about effort and sportsmanship in the realm of professional sports.

Venus Williams’ 19-Week Reign as No. 1

Venus Williams, an iconic tennis figure and multiple Grand Slam champion, reigned as the world’s No. 1-ranked female tennis player for a mere 19 weeks. While this tenure may seem relatively brief in comparison to other tennis legends, it speaks volumes about the fiercely competitive landscape of women’s tennis during her era. Venus, alongside her sister Serena Williams, etched an enduring legacy in the sport, inspiring generations of aspiring tennis stars.

Queen Anne’s Gender Verification Challenge

Intriguingly, Queen Anne, the monarch of England and Scotland from 1702 to 1714, grappled with a peculiar historical quandary—gender verification. Faced with political concerns and a lack of male heirs, inquiries and investigations were initiated to ascertain her biological sex. Although these verifications may appear perplexing through a contemporary lens, they held profound significance during her reign, shedding light on the intricate dynamics of royal succession.

The Marathon Tennis Saga at Wimbledon

The 2010 Wimbledon Championships witnessed an unparalleled tennis spectacle—a marathon match that endured for an astonishing 11 hours and 5 minutes. John Isner and Nicolas Mahut battled tirelessly over the course of three grueling days, with Isner ultimately emerging victorious. This epic contest pushed the boundaries of human endurance and remains etched in tennis history as a testament to the physical and mental fortitude of professional athletes. Sports Apparel & Accessories·Sports, Exercise Equipment·Outdoors & Recreation·Accessories & Services

Greece: The Unwavering Olympic Participant

Greece stands as a unique beacon in the realm of the Olympics, as the sole country to have participated in every modern Olympic Games since its inception in 1896. This unwavering commitment to the Olympic ideal echoes Greece’s profound historical ties to the ancient Games and its enduring dedication to international sportsmanship and competition.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Free Throw Struggles

Shaquille O’Neal, the NBA legend renowned for his dominance, grappled with a well-documented Achilles’ heel—free-throw shooting. His challenges at the free-throw line prompted opponents to employ distinctive defensive tactics, including the infamous “Hack-a-Shaq” strategy. Despite this free-throw conundrum, O’Neal’s overall impact on the game remains unquestionably dominant.

Michael Jordan’s Modest Baseball Earnings

Michael Jordan celebrated for his illustrious basketball career, embarked on a brief sojourn into baseball in 1994. What’s remarkable is that during his tenure with the Birmingham Barons, a minor-league baseball team, he earned a meager salary of just $850 per month. This stark departure from his multimillion-dollar basketball contracts underscored his genuine passion for the sport and his willingness to commence his journey from the ground up. Fitness – Meditation – Diet – Weight Loss – Healthy Living – Yoga

Michael Phelps: An Olympic Medal Juggernaut

Michael Phelps, a swimming sensation, boasts an astounding collection of Olympic medals. Surprisingly, if Michael Phelps were a sovereign nation, he would rank 35th in the all-time Olympic medal tally. His incredible haul of 23 gold medals and 28 overall medals positions him ahead of numerous nations, solidifying his unparalleled dominance in the pool.

Liechtenstein’s Unclaimed Summer Olympic MedalsLiechtenstein, a diminutive European principality, holds a rather unique distinction—it has never clinched a medal at the Summer Olympics. Despite its modest population of approximately 38,000, the country’s athletes have yet to ascend the Olympic podium during the Summer Games. This peculiar trivia accentuates the formidable challenges encountered by smaller nations in the global arena of sports.

Yogi Berra: 10-Time World Series Champion

Yogi Berra, the revered catcher of the New York Yankees, boasts an extraordinary record of clinching 10 World Series championships over the course of his baseball career. His resounding success in the sport’s grandest stage not only solidified his reputation as one of the preeminent catchers but also elevated him to legendary status in baseball’s pantheon of greats. Berra’s blend of skill, leadership, and a penchant for championships set him apart as a baseball luminary.

Tiger Woods’ Unbroken Streak of 142 Cuts Made

Tiger Woods, one of the preeminent figures in golf, accomplished a remarkable feat by consecutively making the cut in 142 PGA Tour events from 1998 to 2005. This sustained pinnacle of performance cemented Woods’ stature as a dominant force within the realm of professional golf. His capacity to consistently perform at such an elevated level for an extended duration remains an enduring tribute to his skill and mental fortitude.

Silver for the Victors: The Quirky 1900 Paris Olympics

The 1900 Paris Olympics introduced an intriguing anomaly to the realm of Olympic history. Instead of awarding gold medals to victors, the champions received silver medals, while the runners-up were bestowed with valuable artworks. This departure from modern tradition in Olympic medal distribution contrasts sharply with the contemporary practice of honoring the top three athletes or teams with gold, silver, and bronze medals. Health books, guides, exercises, habits, Diets, and more

Chris Evert’s 125 Consecutive Clay-Court Victories

Chris Evert, the luminary of tennis, unleashed her supremacy on clay courts by orchestrating an astonishing winning streak of 125 consecutive matches on this demanding surface. Evert’s exceptional consistency and unrivaled command over clay-court tennis elevated her into the upper echelons of the sport’s legends.

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Buffalo Bills’ Playoff Drought and Triumphant Return

The Buffalo Bills, an NFL franchise cherished by a fervent fan base, navigated a bewildering playoff dearth spanning 17 years from 2000 to 2017. This prolonged absence from the postseason ranks among the most extended in NFL annals, testing the loyalty and devotion of Bills fans. However, the team’s triumphant playoff resurgence in 2017 marked a redemptive and jubilant chapter for the franchise and its unwavering supporters.

Michael Jordan’s Unrewarded Brilliance in 1986-1987

In the 1986-1987 NBA season, the peerless Michael Jordan showcased his scoring virtuosity by maintaining an astonishing average of 37.1 points per game. Remarkably, this prodigious feat did not secure him the league’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) award for that season. Instead, the MVP accolade was bestowed upon Magic Johnson, underscoring the fiercely competitive landscape of the NBA during that era and the remarkable exploits of its star performers. Motivation – Mind – Success – Thinking – Productivity – Happiness

Alaska’s Distinctive Geography and NCAA Challenges

Alaska’s stunning but challenging geography presents a unique logistical puzzle for NCAA athletics. When teams journey to this northern frontier, they traverse vast distances. The inclusion of Alaska in collegiate sports serves as a testament to the intricate and geographically diverse landscape of NCAA competition. It underscores the unwavering determination of athletes and teams prepared to surmount these formidable hurdles.

Katie Ledecky’s Landmark Triumph in the 1,500-Meter Freestyle

Katie Ledecky, the prodigious American swimmer, etched her name in the annals of women’s distance swimming by achieving a world record in the 1,500-meter freestyle during the 2018 TYR Pro Swim Series. Her extraordinary swim, completed in a mere 15 minutes and 20.48 seconds, shattered the boundaries of women’s aquatic achievement. It illuminated her unparalleled dominance and redefined the landscape of her sport.

Wilt Chamberlain’s Astonishing 50.4 Points per Game Record

Wilt Chamberlain, the towering figure of basketball, eternally resides in the record books with an astonishing feat—averaging a stupefying 50.4 points per game during the 1961-1962 NBA season. This otherworldly achievement ranks as one of the most iconic records in the history of professional basketball. Chamberlain’s scoring mastery stood unmatched, bearing testament to his extraordinary athleticism and prodigious talent. Women’s health, pregnancy, supplements, breastfeeding

A Whirlwind 18 Minutes in Baseball History

In a peculiar twist of fate during a Major League Baseball showdown in 1984 between the Chicago White Sox and Milwaukee Brewers, a mere 18 minutes of actual baseball action unfolded. This remarkably brief duration resulted from a combustible clash between players, leading to multiple ejections. While the game’s clock was short, the pandemonium and intensity of those 18 minutes carved an enduring niche in baseball’s chronicles.

The Miracle on Grass: USA vs. England in 1950

The 1950 FIFA World Cup witnessed an unparalleled soccer upset when the United States triumphed over England with a score of 1-0. This underdog victory, famously known as the “Miracle on Grass,” sent shockwaves through the soccer world, etching an indelible moment in American sports history. This match illuminated the capricious and captivating nature of the beautiful game.

The Philippines’ Elusive Gold Medal Quest

Despite an ardent sporting culture and passionate athletes, the Philippines has never captured a gold medal throughout the storied history of the Summer Olympics. This revelation is astonishing, given the country’s fervent commitment to disciplines like boxing and weightlifting. While Filipino athletes have garnered numerous medals across various domains, the pursuit of that elusive gold medal remains an enduring aspiration for the nation. Vital Health and wellness solutions on Amazon for your healthy life

Moon Golfing with Apollo 14

The Apollo 14 mission to the moon in 1971 carved an unexpected connection between space exploration and golf. Astronaut Alan Shepard etched his name into history by famously launching two golf balls on the lunar surface using an improvised six-iron club. This momentous interplay between science and sport marked a unique juncture in the realm of space exploration.

Basketball Titans: The Rare NCAA Player/Coach Titles

Only three luminaries in NCAA basketball history have scaled the summit of triumph by securing both NCAA championships as players and coaches. These remarkable figures—Joe B. Hall, Bob Knight, and Dean Smith—left an indelible imprint on the world of college basketball, embodying the intersection of raw talent and transformative leadership.

China’s Spectacular 2008 Beijing Olympic Feat

The 2008 Beijing Olympics witnessed China scripting history by amassing a staggering tally of 100 medals, including an awe-inspiring 51 gold medals. This remarkable achievement underscored China’s ascension as a sporting colossus on the global stage. Fortified by home-field advantage and stellar performances across diverse disciplines, China not only established its Olympic dominance but also cemented its status as an Olympic powerhouse. Sports Accessories for men, boys, women, and kids on Amazon

Clayton Kershaw: A WHIP Maestro

Clayton Kershaw, the dominant pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, touts an extraordinary career statistic—a WHIP (Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched) of 1.0034. This remarkable achievement underscores his capacity to limit the baserunners of opposing batters, signifying his precision and command on the pitcher’s mound. Kershaw’s unwavering consistency and effectiveness as a hurler have firmly entrenched his legacy among baseball’s elite.

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