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  • April 22, 2021
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general trivia quizzes general knowledge questions in English for kids Fun general knowledge quiz and answers

General trivia quizzes printable are awesome because they help a lot to improve the general knowledge of a learner. If you learn from many other sources, you will be able to harness your level of knowledge.

To know thyself, and the world, general trivia quizzes are useful items in many ways. A collection of miscellaneous general trivia quizzes are available here for the general seekers. These general trivia quizzes to be good for competition, gossip, and fun.

General Trivia Quizzes

1. First child born after the operative procedure was


2. Ariary is the currency of


3. How many countries are there in Europe?

Europe is shared by 50 countries. By the conventional definition, there are 44 sovereign states or nations in Europe.

4. Who loses an average of 90 hairs per day, which increases to 120 by old age?


5. The high jump method of jumping head first and landing on the back is called

the Fosbury Flop

6. What is the largest country in Europe by area?


7. The collective noun a “shiver” is used to describe a group of what animal?


8. The internal area of the lungs of the human is ____ sq. m. which is forty times the external area of the body.

93 sq. m.

9. Ophidiophobia is the abnormal fear of what?


10. What is the currency of Argentina


11. Which animal has the most DNA resemblance with humans?

Chimpanzees (98.7%)

12. What is the capital of Mali?


13. How many blank tiles are there in the board game Scrabble?


14. Who is the father of Romanticism?

Jean Jacques Rousseau

15. Which association is most well known for placing Bibles in hotel rooms?


16. The fastest nervous speed is

532 kmph

17. In which city was Boris Johnson born?

New York

18. What American folk singer is known as the “Queen of Folk Music”?

Joan Baez

19. How many countries are there in Asia?

48 countries

20. Who has more sensitive ears than adults?


21. What is the largest country in Africa by area?


22. What is the main component of Jupiter’s atmosphere?


23. What weapon was used to assassinate Leon Trotsky in Mexico City in August 1940?

An ice pick or ice axe

24. In which year Boxing became a legal sport?


25. Whose law states that: ‘Anything that can go wrong will go wrong?

Murphy’s Law

26. At the time of the creation of life there was no


27. The Irish translation of “| told you | was ill” is carved into whose gravestone?

Spike Milligan’s

28. “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” was written by whom?

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

29. Bratislava is the capital of which country?


30. Which country’s national day is celebrated the day after Scotland’s Burns Night?

Australia Day (26 January)

31. How many people hold hunting licenses?

More than 100 million

32. Who has a better sense of smell than adults?


33. Per capita, which US state drinks the least amount of beer?


34. How many countries are there in Africa?


35. What is the currency of Panama?


36. In his time who was the highest-paid sportsman, ahead of Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer. (Not including sponsorship endorsements.)

Michael Schumacher

37. East London is situated in which country?

South Africa

38. The study of dreams is called


39. There were 311 male but no female competitors. T/F


40. What was the occupation of Denzil in the sitcom Only Fools and Horses?

Lorry Driver

41. The “electric bread toaster” was invented in what country?


42. What is the largest country in South America by area?


43. How many hairs approx. are there in the body of human?

50 lakhs

44. What is the main component of Mars atmosphere?

95% by volume of carbon dioxide (CO2)

45. The Radcliffe Camera is an iconic building in which British city?


46. Havana is the capital of which country?


47. What is the Spanish word for a hat?


48. The study of the beauty of human is called


49. Who was the first female parachutist, jumping from a hot air balloon in 1799.

Jean Genevieve Garnerin

50. Cedi is the currency of


51. Now extinct, what type of creature was an Archelon?


52. Samuel Ryder, of golf’s Ryder Cup fame, originated the idea of selling what in ‘penny packets’?

Garden seeds

53. The busiest human organ is the


54. Where would one find the Canary Islands?

Atlantic Ocean

55. Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario are all names of what?

The Great Lakes

56. What is the capital of Botswana?


57. is traditionally called the father of Humanism and considered by many to be the “father of the Renaissance.”


58. The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece in


59. You can actually die from a broken heart. It’s a muscle condition called

“Broken Heart Syndrome.”

60. How many countries are there in Oceania?

14 countries

61. Which dinosaur with the name meaning ‘roof lizard’ is known for the rows of bony plates that rise from its back?


62. Children grow faster in the


63. What was the first name of the Swedish inventor Nobel, who established the Nobel Prizes in 1895?


64. The ‘hallux’ is what part of a person’s body?

Big toe

65. In 1975, Which Japanese became the first woman to reach the top of Everest.

Junko Tabei

66. Cancerous growth in connective tissue, bones, cartilage, and muscles is called


67. The British one-pound coin was first introduced in April of which year?


68. Dalasi is the currency of

The Gambia

69. What did Mr. Quayle and Mr. Block first open in March 1969 in Southampton?

The first B&Q store

70. A child’s ability to learn can increase or decrease by 25% or more depending on if the child grows up in a stimulating environment. T/F?


71. If you are referred to as a “Gozzard”, you are someone who herds?


72. How many countries are there in North America?


73. What famous author had a cat named, “Apollinaris”?

Mark Twain

74. The only bone in the human body not connected to another bone is

The hyoid bone

75. Which English unlicensed boxer and actor was also known as ‘The Guv’nor’?

Lenny McClean

76. What is the full form of MBBS?

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, or in Latin: Medicinae Baccalaureus Baccalaureus Chirurgiae

77. What color is most toilet paper in France?


78. Isotopes of which material is used in the calculation of the age of the earth?


79. Which planet is the hottest in the Solar System?


80. Which animal can be seen on the American Samoa flag?

An Eagle

81. Monrovia is the capital of which country?


82. What is the most ordered item in American and Canadian restaurants?

French Fries

83. The minimum distance of clear vision for a normal healthy eye of human is supposed to be

25 cm.

84. The record for the most major league baseball career innings is held by whome, with 7,356 innings?

Cy Young

85. Gymnasts performed naked at the Olympic Games. T/F


86. What is the capital of Venezuela?


87. What is the full form of Ph.D.?

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, Ph.D., or DPhil; Latin philosophiae doctor or doctor philosophiae)

88. Dong is the currency of


89. What is the last name of Rachel in the American sitcom Friends?


90. The lron Bridge, the first major bridge in the world to be made of cast iron, crosses which British river?

River Severn

91. Fingers prune underwater not because of them absorbing the water or washing away the oil, but because of

an evolutionary trait caused by the brain to enhance the grip of your fingers underwater.

92. Hamilton is the capital of which country?


93. Which is the only animal to sleep on its back?


94. Sports command the biggest television audiences, led by

the summer Olympics, World Cup Football, and Formula One racing.

95. Reading aloud to children helps to stimulate brain development. T/F?


96. The very first Olympic race, held in 776 BC, was won by

Corubus, a chef

97. How many balls are used by a team in Major League Baseball in a season?

About 850,000

98. How many countries are there in South America?


99. Gustation refers to the

Sense of taste

100. What is the capital of Guinea


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